Custom Spaces 

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

– Steve Jobs

Custom Spaces: Specialty Crafted Storage & Organization Solutions 

Custom Spaces Add to Your Home’s Monetary Value

The aesthetics and functionality of your living space directly contribute to its market value, so investing in custom-designed interiors is not just a luxury but a solid financial decision.  We understand that a well-crafted space does more than just look good—it enhances the overall value of your property. Our designs are conceived with your home’s character and market appeal in mind, so every addition or modification is both a personal desire and a wise investment. 

Spaces Crafted to Work with Your Personal Style and How Your Live

There’s more to our custom spaces than just the increase in your home’s value. They’re about creating your own little haven where you can shake off stress. Having a spot that’s all yours, tailored just the way you like it, can really do wonders for your mood and well-being. We’re all about putting together areas in your home that click with your personal style and how you live your life: a craft room set up just right to get those creative juices flowing, a pantry organized to perfection, or a home office that gets you in the zone without any fuss. These places are more than just rooms; they’re your personal retreats designed to make every day a little better, so your home is a space where you feel completely at ease, surrounded by things that bring you peace and joy.

With a well-organized home, you’ll reclaim time and save money by not buying things you already have but can’t find. Beyond the monetary aspect, the reduction in daily aggravation and stress can significantly improve your overall quality of life, fostering a sense of calm within your living space. No more frantic searches for misplaced items or cluttered spaces causing unnecessary frustration.

Investing in a bespoke space within your home brings a blend of functionality, beauty, and personalization, enhancing your daily living experience while potentially increasing your home’s value.

wall bed in office

Wall Beds Add Hidden Guest Space Stylishly

Custom home craft room

Craft or Sewing Room Crafted Just For You

custom home office with wall storage

Custom Office Spaces for Home or Busineses

custom kitchen pantry with shelves and drawer

Custom Wall or Walk-in Kitchen Pantry Designs

garage entry or mudroom for storage and organization

Mudrooms and Custom Entry Organization

Wall Storage Custom Crafted for Any Space

Wall Storage Custom Crafted for Any Space

Custom Wine Room

Home Bars, Wine Rooms, and Wine Storage

Home Library, Den, or Reading Nook

Home Library, Den, or Reading Nook

“Loved working with Lou Anne! This has been a project we have been wanting to do for so long! We looked at other companies and DIY options, but the process of designing it ourselves felt so daunting and we really wanted to make sure it was done right. Also we wanted to be sure of the quality of the materials used. Lou Anne was so friendly, professional and knowledgeable about her product and addressed all of our concerns while helping us to be able to stay within our budget. She really understood the style I was looking for and our storage needs and did all of the measurements for us and put together a beautiful design that accommodated everything. She walked us through the process from start to finish and we knew exactly what to expect.”

T Morales

Home Owner/Custom Space Client

Whatever your vision for a clutter-free and beautifully organized space, Neatly Dunn collaborates with you to create a custom and personalized solution that fits seamlessly into your home, style, and budget.