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Embark on a journey of transformation with our designs. It’s not just about creating space; it’s about turning your home into a sanctuary where order and joy coexist. Our mission is to provide you with a living and working environment that radiates tranquility and happiness. Whether it’s a customized closet, a revamped pantry, or a functional home office, we are committed to making your space uniquely yours.

Our custom solutions are not just about space; they’re about preserving the value of your cherished items. Whether working with your existing space or orchestrating a complete closet renovation, Neatly Dunn is here to ensure your spaces work for you and fit your family’s unique needs.


Neatly Dunn Closets, Custom Spaces and E-Design & Build Services

custom deigned and built craftroom/sewing room from Neatly Dunn Custom Spaces in Greenville

“Lou Anne designed pull out drawers in the kitchen of my mom’s new apartment in a retirement center. The kitchen has limited cabinet space, so making the most of the space is important. For the lower cabinets, Mom had difficulty bending down to see (& get out) the contents. And in the narrow pantry, it was difficult to tell what was in the back of the deep shelves. The pull out drawers fixed all that – everything is visible and much safer for Mom! Lou Anne created the drawers to perfectly fit the existing space – and they exactly match the wood of the cabinets already in the kitchen. It looks great. Tyrone installed them quickly and well. We are so pleased with the results! Efficient, attractive, and cost effective!”




Greenville NC based Neatly Dunn, Closets & Custom Spaces

Welcome to Neatly Dunn, where your space transformation journey begins. As a proud woman-owned enterprise based in Greenville, North Carolina, we specialize in crafting custom-designed spaces that enhance both your home and small business environments.

 While we’re renowned for our innovative custom closet and home office solutions, our repertoire extends far beyond. From elegant wine cellars and practical pantries to versatile laundry rooms and multifunctional spaces that can seamlessly transition into craft rooms, dens, or libraries — complete with hidden wall beds for guests — Neatly Dunn is your go-to source for bespoke design solutions that marry beauty with utility, all while respecting your budget.

Trust us to bring your dream space to life with our unique blend of aesthetics, functionality, and affordability.

Greenville, NC Native Lou Anne Dunn