Meet Lou Anne

It is my mission to help people fall in love with their home through design & organization offerings that are both aesthetically pleasing and affordable! 



My name is Lou Anne Dunn. I am the owner of Neatly Dunn. I offer Design & Custom Organizational solutions for your home.

I am passionate about all things design and organization.

I learned at an early age that I was “different”.  In the fifth grade, I won the “Most Organized Student” award.  At home, I was constantly rearranging my clothes and toys to make more space in the room I shared with my sister. In high school I won awards in Art and vowed to spend my life creating beautiful things wherever I could. 

As a young adult, I managed a horse barn and training facility where I put my skills to use creating a beautifully organized and functional environment for people to enjoy their hobbies. My organizational abilities played a key role in successfully running a business, while also raising a family.  

Later, I worked in our local hospital in the Design and Construction department.  I found that almost all issues with space could be solved with some major de-cluttering.  I would start by deciding what items could be removed then develop a plan to use the space more efficiently.

I now combine my love for design and organization with my partnership with Closet Factory to help you create custom spaces that you love to come home to. 

I am a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO).

Contact me for more information on how Neatly Dunn can help you meet your design or organizational goals.