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My name is LIMG_4292ou Anne Dunn of Neatly Dunn, Professional Organizing Service. I was bitten by the “organizing bug” early in life. As a child I was constantly rearranging my clothes and toys in an effort to free up more space in the bedroom I shared with my sister.

In the fifth grade my teachers gave me an award for “Most Organized Student.”  When I wasn’t in school I spent time dabbling in different forms of art but most free time was spent at the barn riding and showing horses. I often enlisted others to help clean up and organize the tack and equipment areas of the barn. I always believed that even a barn should be pretty and you would have more time to ride if you weren’t hunting for misplaced items. I carried this theory over into my own business as an adult where I managed a training facility and taught riding lessons to people of all ages.

In 1999 I began working at the local hospital in the Design & Construction Department while I completed by Associates Degree in Architectural Technology. I worked there for ten years focusing primarily on small project design. The last few years there I also worked in life safety and fire prevention, which I obtained an Associates Degree for in 2012. The one thing that became clear over time was this, when approached with issues with space or safety, I could often solve a large portion of the issues by doing some major de-cluttering. I would often start a new design project by assessing the area an identifying things to be removed. Then a plan was developed to use the remaining space more appropriately.

NAPOMember_Line_art_-_WebThe ability to de-clutter and organize comes naturally to me but I realized long ago that this is not the case for everyone. That’ why I decided to embark on this new journey to help you “Organize your Life and Home,  One Project at a Time!” I get joy out of helping others reclaim their space and get rid of their stress and I look forward to working with you. I am a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), NAPO-NC, and The Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD).

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